How to drive with Uber in Australia

You can drive with Uber and earn as much as you want even if you don’t own a car.

Minimum Requirements

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have access to a vehicle that meets Uber’s vehicle requirements
  • Hold a valid full driver’s licence in your state or territory
  • Have held a full driver’s licence in any Australian state or territory for at least 12 months
  • Provide all the necessary documents required in your state or territory
  • Be listed as an insured driver for the vehicle you plan to drive

Required documents

  • A Driver’s License, for the city in question
    • Must be a valid license
    • Cannot be a probationary/temporary drivers license
    • Ensure the expiry date is clearly visible in the scanned copy
  • Vehicle insurance document (if you already have a car you intend to use)
    • You (driver) must be the holder, or at least a listed driver
    • Ensure the vehicle registration number is listed
    • Must clearly show a valid expiration date
    • Must show the type of insurance
  • A passport or birth certificate
    • If passport, cannot be expired for more than 2 years
  • A photograph of you (the driver)
    • Make sure it is a clean headshot, with facial features visible.
    • Make sure the photograph is professional
    • Do not send a photo of your car to uber
  • A Driver’s Accreditation (taxi license), if available

It’s easy to get started:

Tell about yourself and your vehicle

Upload your license, registration, proof of insurance, and the necessary information to start the driver activation process

Once you’re cleared to drive with Uber as an independent contractor, you will start getting ride requests right on your phone

How to Become an Uber Driver
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